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Hair color has taken a turn for the flamboyant this summer. Rainbow, ombre, pastels, and streaks have become part of the norm in terms of hair color experimentation. No one says, “I want to be blonde or brunette” anymore. It’s always pink, or orange, or blue. New hair color is a liberating experience, and the color that you have in mind probably isn’t considered that crazy anymore. It’s gutsy! Here are some tips for how to pull off crazy hair color:

Start small

If you’re not sure of how a color will look, test a small section of your hair with a streak of color to see if you like it and if it matches with your skin tone. Hair chalk and colored hair tester strips can be found at your local beauty store. If those aren’t your cup of tea, stop by the beauty salon and they will test a section of hair for you.

Go to the salon

If you are considering going permanent, seek out a stylist you trust. When going for a colorful hairstyle, you want to make sure that it’s done right. What better way to ensure a good look than to use a professional?

Be ahead of the trend

The two popular hair color crazes of the moment are pastel and “sombre,” which is a soft version of ombre. So why not combine the two? It will give you a subtle pop of color and look super chic.

Get infused highlights

These make whatever color you choose look more natural, like highlights would. They also tone down your color.

Try new hairdos

Hairstyles like braids look totally fresh when your hair is a crazy color. Try milkmaid braids, fishtails, or a simple Dutch, and get ready to marvel at the visual greatness that is your hair.

Embrace minimalism

Colorful hair pops the most when paired with a monochromatic or minimal look. It also makes your hair color, and you, look classic.

Have confidence

Changing your hair color, especially to something outside of the regular spectrum, requires confidence. You can rock crazy colors and look beautiful. Confidence is what helps you pull off any look.

 How do you pull off crazy hair color?