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Question: What are some cute baroque fashion outfits?

Answer: Baroque fashion is timeless—literally. Baroque refers to an era beginning in the seventeenth century that was marked by a dramatic style of art, music, architecture, and fashion. Art of the this period was characterized by stark contrasts, striking colors, and grandiose images. The fashion was no different. A lavish display of wealth, the style of the time welcomed elegant embroidery, fine silks, an abundance of gold, and a generous amount of jewelry.

Now, baroque-inspired styles from powerhouses like Dolce & Gabbana and Balmain can be seen parading down runways. If you think this fashion trend is excessively extravagant, then you’re right! But that doesn’t mean the look is inaccessible. Whether you want to show just a hint of baroque flair or flaunt the look from head-to-toe, there are so many ways to style the fad that has been around for centuries. Here are some cute baroque fashion outfits: 

A Statement Dress

A statement dress in an intricate pattern is the boldest way to go baroque. Look for a dress in a simple silhouette that boasts elaborate embroidery and shiny details. There’s no such thing as an over-embellished baroque-inspired dress. For a classic color combination, stick with gold and black. Since the dress can stand as a work of art on its own, keep the accessories to a minimum and slip into a pair of neutral heels.

A patterned top

For a more subdued way to wear the trend, let your top do the talking. Find a shirt in a bold brocade print and pair it with some black leather pants and booties. Make sure the top is the focal point of your outfit by keeping the rest of your look neutral.

Loud leggings

Loud, colorful leggings are a fun and playful way to wear this style. Again, look for bottoms in a baroque-like print. Keep the outfit casual with a pair of combat boots or kicks and a simple top. Or, dress it up for a night out with some sky-high heels, a silky blouse, and a sharp black blazer.


Still scared of showy prints? Introduce a little baroque flavor to your look with extravagant accessories. From a bejeweled clutch to sunglasses with gilded details, there are so many accessories that can effortlessly enhance a simple outfit. An embellished gold cuff with a black stone motif is a gorgeous piece that you can wear with either a tank and some jeans, or over a sheer blouse paired with a chic skirt.

Will you try this trend?