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If you’re like me, you can’t go a day without someone asking, “Did you play basketball?”

No, I’m not an overly sporty-looking girl, but I am a tall one. If you too are tall, I’m sure you’re familiar the endless probing inquiries about your height from strangers and the gasps when you stand up or enter a room. Tall ladies seemingly astound the general public, but of all the awkward discussions I’ve had about my height, the most frustrating issue facing us tall gals is where to find pants that don’t fall about 4 inches above our ankles.

When people ask me where to find long pants, I tell them the solution is always to go online. Retailers like J.Crew forged the way for us tall gals by carrying “long” pants for customers with some extra height, available by purchase through their catalog or website. For many years, all of my pants came from J.Crew, which is fine by me because they continue to be make stylish clothes that last. If the price tag make you nervous, wait a bit until they have a 30-40% off sale. Or, choose investment pieces. I have several pairs of pants from J.Crew that are over 5 years old, and still going strong. They’re timeless!

Another store I frequently recommend to taller ladies is New York and Company. Why? They actually stock Tall pants IN-store, which is very convenient. It’s always nice to have the option to try on a pair of pants before purchasing, doing the age-old ‘Does my butt look big in this?’ posing in a dressing room without having to commit to buying the pants first. Because let’s be honest, returning items purchased online is a big hassle.

Fortunately, more retailers like Banana Republic and Gap have also been making waves to bring more ‘Tall’ pants in-store. I think, like anything, the more there is a demand the more we will see our favorite stores start to make their long pants available not just online, but in-stores as well.

If price is a concern, I recommend Old Navy and New York and Company for the most affordable options. Old Navy has seriously upped their game when it comes to stylish clothes at an affordable price. They also carry a wide variety of pants in longs, to fit your every need. From yoga pants and jeans, to your cozy pajamas at bedtime – Old Navy has you covered. They’re a forgotten little gem you should definitely visit more often!

Of course I can’t escape mentioning other favorites Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft, who have made some of my very favorite tall pants. I especially love their pants for when I’m off to work. They have loads of professional looks that still have personality and style to them.

Us tall gals definitely don’t have it easy. I’m always jealous of my shorter friends who can pick up and try on a pair of pants no matter where we are without any thought. While we don’t quite have that luxury, it’s not the end of the world. Finding pants just takes a little more effort.

Are you a tall gal? Let me know where your favorite place to find longer clothes are!