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Question: What are some cute lazy day outfits?

Answer: What are some cute lazy day outfits, you ask? Well I’m here to tell you. Being comfy and cute isn’t always the easiest to achieve, but I come bearing good news…it’s totally possible! When it comes to lazy days, my go-to staple is the oversized shirt. Okay, let’s start with the around-the-house lazy look. Just so we’re clear—lazy does not always translate to gross. So, here are my tips for effortlessly chic lazy day outfits:

Lazy at home:

My #1 go-to is none other than the classic legging. Leggings are comfy and form fitting so you know you won’t look like a total slob. I love all things that sparkle, so pairing leggings with an oversized sequin top is perfect. Don’t be afraid to add your own flair to it! If you like stripes or bold colors, don’t hesitate to incorporate them as well…after all, we feel our best when we’re confident in the outfits we’re flaunting. Tip: If you’re having trouble finding an oversized shirt, just go up a size or two in a cute top.

Lazy in the city:

Now, moving on—this outfit is perfect for a chill day relaxing at your favorite coffee shop, reading the day away at Barnes and Noble, or running errands…a lazy day in public. I’m going to discuss a few different approaches to the oversized top. Here we have the always-beautiful Olivia Palermo wearing an oversized top paired with white jeans. She’s definitely super comfortable—and still adorable. For a lazy day out, I would recommend wearing a real pant (not leggings) unless your top is long enough to cover your bum.

The second look is a little more edgy and grunge. Who doesn’t have a plaid button-up somewhere around the house? They’re so easy to find, and cheap to boot! Again, buy a top that’s a size or two larger than what you normally wear to get that slouchy, super-comfy feel. Pair this little ensemble with a simple t-shirt and jeggings for an all-over chill feel. I’m a huge fan of beanies. Besdies, who wants to fix their hair when they’re feeling lazy? Not me! So, buy a cute go to beanie in a neutral color for those days where you just don’t care about your hair. Vouch for cute, simple flats or cozy boots with any of these. Converse are always a cute casual idea, too.

Your next question might be…where do I find all these glorious cozy pieces?! Don’t worry, I’ve got ya covered.

There you have it, lovely reader. I hope you have fun playing around with these ideas. Don’t forget to make it you, and to let your personality shine through (even when you’re feeling lazy).