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As the weather starts to change, so do the clothes in our closets. Going back to school, welcoming fall and trying new trends are exciting — but shopping shouldn’t just be about a bag, that chunky comfy sweater or ankle booties — it’s about your pajamas, too!

Can you keep a secret? I’m obsessed with pajamas. I’m talking nightgowns, flannels, shorts and even footie ones. Some stores make them so now you can easily get away with wearing them outside, which is great when you’re  running late to class but don’t want to appear like you just rolled out of bed and didn’t even consider changing. Searching for cute pajamas is relatively easily. The hard part is choosing between them!

Here are some of the cutest pajamas on the market (and where to find them):


Forever 21 has the most affordable options and a wide variety to choose from. Their pajamas are filled with girly prints and quirky quotes, perfect for cat lovers, dog lovers and everyone in between.

When shopping for pajamas it’s nice to go for the sets, that way it takes out some of the guesswork of what goes together and makes you look polished. The only downside to their sleep shorts is they’re very short. If you have a little junk in the trunk, you might want to steer clear of these or size up.


Not only great for underwear and cute bras, Aerie has top notch pajamas as well. Their pants are super soft and comfortable. Everything is basically mix and match, which is great because you can invest in one or two pairs of pants and buy different colored t-shirts to go along with them. Instant wardrobe update!

Plus, they also have delicate nighties that are soft and comfortable. Definitely not your grandmother’s night gown.

I love classic black. This nightie is sexy and flirty, thanks to the blue lace trimming.


When the holiday season rolls around,, Victoria Secret is always overflowing with sets upon sets of pajamas. They have a great collection with different prints women can’t seem to get enough of. Love polka dots, leopard, snowflakes or classic plaid? Their pajamas are for you! Added bonus? The pants come in different lengths: short, regular and long. Great for bite sized and leggy girls.

Plus, don’t forget to check out their PINK line since it’s always filled with cute graphics.


Bear with me, because this isn’t exactly traditional sleepwear — but sometimes it’s great to think outside the box. This pink striped maxi sleep dress from Macy’s is soft and cute. The slit at the bottom helps so the dress doesn’t feel constricting while you sleep, allowing for mobility.


Relive your childhood with a pair of character pajamas. These never go out of style, no matter how old you get. Just try to stick with wearing them inside only.


And then we have the onesie. Newsflash: they’re not just for babies anymore. This cute leopard onesie is great for cold winter nights when all you want to do is snuggle on the couch and drink hot cocoa.

Pajama shopping is fun, as there are so many different styles to choose from. Pick what’s comfortable for you, but let’s agree to get rid of the baggy sweatpants and oversized worn t-shirts we all have at the bottom of our dressers.