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Question: How should dark eyeshadow be applied?

Answer: The simplest way to pull off dark eye shadow is by making sure that the rest of your face is light and natural-looking. A dark shadow is a great way to bring all the attention straight to your eyes—if it’s done properly.

You’ll be able to pull off the darkest of smokey eyes if you brighten it up a bit by blending colors. I’ve found that this look works best when using at least three different shadows, as it’ll make the blending process a piece of cake.

Start with a light shadow at the inner corner of your eye, applying it to both the top and bottom of the inner corner. You can also add a highlighting cream right under the brow line if you want to brighten the look up even more. Then, add your second color (which can be as dark as night if you’d like), applying it all over the lid of your eye and blending it into the lightest color. Finally, add the darkest color (now we’re talking blackest black) starting on the outside corner and crease of the eye, and blending it into the rest. Smudge the colors together until you’ve created smokey-eyed perfection!

To make this look even more dramatic, apply some liner to the bottom lash line and blend it in using your darkest shadow, creating a smudged look. Finish the look off with some black mascara.

Be sure to use light, neutral tones on both your lips and cheeks to make the look as balanced as possible! I like pairing a dark eye with a very light pink lip to draw all the attention to my eyes… after all, that’s what smokey eyes were made for, right?