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Question: How do I go from a day to night look?

Answer: Going out for the  night, ladies? The transition between a day to night look one isn’t as hard as you may think. You don’t have to ditch the whole outfit from work and run home and switch to a bodycon dress. No, no, no! Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can easily transition a day to night look: 


Ditch the flats from work and throw on some high heels; giving you a more polished, refined look. Plus, high heels are great for a night out, adding confidence as well a few inches to your step! They’re also very versatile, but don’t go too overboard with printed heels, especially if your outfit is a visually busy one. Remember the dress you had on for work? Just throw on a boyfriend blazer and some bright colored heels, and you’re done!


These studded heels are the perfect complement to a night time outfit. They’re simplistic, yet the embellishments provide for an edgier look.


Nighttime makeup is usually more dramatic—and you definitely don’t want to look washed out after a long day of work! Start by cleansing your face to get rid of all the oil and sweat from your long work hours.

Opt for a smokey, sultry eye. Pick three eye shadow colors—making sure each is one shade darker than the other. Apply the lightest color (which will be our highlight) to the beginning of your crease, the second eye shadow color to the middle of your crease, and the darkest eye shadow color to the end of your crease. Your smokey eye makeup can be any color you wish, but people tend to usually go for browns — or even black, if they’re feeling daring. Next, take your liquid eyeliner and go for a winged liner look. Start by drawing a line straight up, where your bottom lashes end. Then, connect this line to your upper lid (this will look almost triangle like). Line your eyes, and you’re all done!


Throw on a statement necklace and you’ll feel like a million bucks! This is one of the easiest ways to dress up any outfit. If your outfit is minimalist, throw on a pink or even green statement necklace for an additional pop of color.