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Is it OK to keep eyebrows natural if I have dirty blonde hair?

Answer: Absolutely — don’t be afraid of going au naturel with those brows, ladies! Challenge yourself and take a pass on the brow tint. Colored eyebrows can come across as unnatural, not to mention they require tons of maintenance.

Most women with dirty blonde hair color do tend have darker brows, and that’s okay. For years, I didn’t even fill in my eyebrows (because they didn’t need it). On occasion, I’d tweeze them; but a pencil never once touched those bold brows. Sure, some people may frown upon it, but the truth is that right now, this look is trending like never before. I mean, just look at Cara Delevingne or even Sookie from True Blood: both light-haired beauties fearlessly rocking the dark brow look.

If you do dare to dye your brows lighter regardless, heed my warning: the end result may be albino-esque. Plus, it’s a royal pain to touch up the color regularly. Don’t be afraid to rock the natural look. I did. And you know what? I like it. Natural brows are intense and unusually beautiful. Of course, like anything else — this trend will fade, and a new eyebrow fad will be in next year, but I don’t care: I’m rocking mine with fearless confidence.

Here are a few more reasons why you shouldn’t dye your brows, and why you should keep it natural:

1. You’ll be a total badass.


2. It’s totally on-trend.


3. People will mistake you for Cara Delevingne.


It’s less maintenance. And you won’t blend in with all the other blondies.

Do you have dirty blonde hair? What is your personal eyebrow philosophy?