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With all of the stress you put on your hair from dye and heat, it’s important to keep it healthy. Over processing your hair can make it brittle, dull, and damaged. My hair has been through it all: coloring, bleaching, straightening, curlingyou name it! After overworking it that much, you need a way to give your hair a break and bring it back to good condition. As appealing as store-bought hair masks and repair products sound, the natural route is always best. Damaged hair craves vitamins that will restore it back to health. There are many nourishing hair masks that you can make right at home! When choosing a treatment, focus on what you want to repair. Here are three DIY hair masks to try right now:

Oh, Honey

Coconut and honey hair masks have become wildly popular. This mask is perfect for reversing damage and locking in moisture. Plus, it can be applied to wet or dry hair.

Sweet As Strawberries

If your hair tends to build up with oil and grease, look no further than your produce isle. This strawberry mask is great for reducing and regulating oil production in your scalp. It’s also packed with Vitamin C!

Going Bananas

If your hair looks limp and needs a boost, try this easy to make banana and almond hair mask. Apply this mask to dry hair for twenty-five minutes, then wash it out thoroughly.

You don’t have to spend a ton on high-end deep conditioning masks or expensive oils. What your hair craves is natural vitamins and minerals, which all these masks provide. The more you use natural products, the more results you’ll see in the condition of your hair. Make sure to keep the masks on for the advised amount time. If you leave a mask on for too long, whether it is natural or salon-bought, it can dry out your hair. The product can become stiff, brittle, and is a pain to get out of your hair. So, if you are looking for healthy texture and shine, try any of these masks and look out for beautiful, smooth hair.

What are some of your favorite DIY hair masks to make at home?