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Question: How do I dress for a Forever 21 job interview?

Answer: First of all, congratulations! You’ve landed an interview! Now, what are you going to wear? When you apply and interview for clothing companies, it’s very important that you capture the company’s style without sacrificing your own. Do your research. Go to the Forever 21 store, or to their website, and take note of the different designs and styles they currently sell. Forever 21 just happens to be one of my favorite stores, so here are my ideas for capturing the perfect look!


Dresses are always a great option to wear during an interview. They’re pretty and professional. Go with a simple dress and accessorize with a light necklace to add some personality and flair. Or, opt for a more embellished dress with some beautiful detail and keep the jewelry to a minimum.


Blazers are a classic staple in any professional wardrobe and they come in a variety colors and patterns. Pair them with shorts, skirts, pants, and dresses! Choose a more structured blazer to wear for an interview to ensure your outfit looks sharp.


If dresses and skirts aren’t your style, try a nice pair of trousers or pants. These trousers are perfect for an interview setting because the color is neutral and the pattern adds a lot of personality. These pants pack some serious style, but aren’t too loud for a conservative environment.

Additional Tips

When it comes to nailing an interview, the most important thing to remember is confidence. Nobody knows you better than, well, you! The hiring manager will believe you’re confident as long as you act that way. This is true even if you have butterflies in your stomach!

Active listening is essential during interviews. Maintain good posture and hold eye contact. Prove you’re interested in what others are saying to let them know that you truly want the job!

Ask questions. Most interviewers tend to ask if you have any questions. Seize the opportunity! When you ask questions and engage in the conversation, you have a higher chance of leaving a good impression with your future employers.

Remember to wear something comfortable. Of course you want to look trendy, but you don’t want to be fidgeting with your outfit during the interview because it’s distracting. Feel poised and self-assured in whatever you choose to wear.