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How can I dress from day to night?

Answer: In this busy day and age, women are expected to flawlessly juggle a busy schedule comprised of work engagements, friends, family, personal relationships, plus their own physical and emotional health! And with so many media outlets showing us perfect looking celebrities with multi-million dollar careers, maintaining a work-life balance may seem like a momentous task. So if you’re too busy to stop home and change after work, it makes sense to dress from day to night so you can easily go from work to socializing without stopping home.

Wallis Tapestry Shift Dress ($74, Nordstrom)


When creating versatile looks, the first thing to consider is your personal style. Do you love patterns, bold colors, natural fabrics, or a particular trend? Whatever your style, be sure to look at your favorite stores online to explore styles before shopping. If you’re really not sure what you want, going to a free stylist like those at Nordstrom or Ann Taylor will guide you to the most flattering looks! Typically, dresses are an easy all-in-one outfit that you can style however you want. Wrap dresses are your best option for day to night outfits due to their ability to flatter curves or create the illusion of curves for straighter figures. Also, an a-line dress will appear chic and professional with a bright belt around your waist. If you prefer a more edgy look, dresses with cutouts can be styled accordingly for the office with a chic blazer.

In addition to considering your style, respecting your office’s dress code is important. Some offices allow strappy heels, while others require close-toed shoes. With these rules in mind, you can easily find a great neutral pair of shoes to last through years of work and socializing. Depending on your natural and desired height, you can play with different heel heights. Yet iIf you’re like many women, you prefer shoes that are beautiful and comfortable. For a relaxed experience, wedges with removable insoles provide a little height with the right amount of support. Wedges are definitely a great option, and they take pressure off the balls of your feet.

Before creating round-the-clock chic outfits, considering your personal style, your workplace’s dress code, and your desired look will create harmony between tactfulness and stylishness! A little discretion goes a long way, so maintaining appropriate coverage will help you keep it classy in the office and beyond. And after researching sensible pieces online before shopping, you can effortlessly find a great day to night outfit that you’ll wear again and again.