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There are so many easy hairstyles for a great day-to-night look! Stick with something messy. If you plan on wearing a hairdo all day and still want it to look downtown-ready, you should pick a style that isn’t perfectly groomed. Here are three of our current favorite looks for the girl on the go:

The Messy Low Bun

Almost every girl can throw their hair up into sloppy topknot, but we really love the look of the low bun. If you have bangs or those annoying wispy strands around your face, this one is perfect for you. With a low bun, your hair will easily fall into place and make the messy look appear well, for lack of a better word, messy. But this style can look totally chic! Just add a bold lip to make this hairstyle look polished and fun for evening.

Tousled Waves

This one is always a go-to for us. You can create these locks with a normal 1 inch curling iron or curling rod. With a little bit of hairspray, these will last all day and carry you into the night in style. The messier and uneven the waves, the better. Throughout the day, whether you encounter a little bit of rain or get whirled away by some wind, your waves may get frizzy. Your hair will still have the messy-wave look, and you’ll hardly need to touch it up.

Twisted Bangs

A common problem for us girls is that we touch our hair all day long. We constantly run our fingers through it and toss it around. By the end of the day, hair has a nice coat of grease on it. One way to solve this problem is to make sure your bangs are secured back and out of your face. We love this twisted crown style because it’s simple and playful. You could easily wear it all day, sleep in it at night, and wear it the next day as a messier version. Abby from Twist Me Pretty did a great tutorial for achieving this look!

Don’t think any of these styles will work for you? Check out our Hair and Beauty board on our Pinterest for other great day-to-night hair ideas! Remember, the less effort the better. Because after a long day at work or running errands, your hair won’t look perfect. So keep a messy style from the get-go and you’ll be happier with the end result!

Have any other favorite hairstyles? Please share them in the comments!