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Question: What are easy hairstyles for busy schedules?

Answer: If you’re like me, you may often awaken in a state of panic, realizing you slept in and trying frantically (while fumbling around) to get ready as fast as humanely possible. To appear put-together and chic throughout all this chaos, it’s all about finding quick hairstyles that require no more than 5 minutes. Check out this list of simple, fabulous hairstyles that’ll help you save time in the morning:

1. The side braid

Let’s face it: braids are a great way to look put-together in no time at all. In order to spice up the classic braid, part your hair on the side and gather hair to the opposite end of your head. Start making a loose, low braid and secure with a hair tie. Once you’re finished, pull apart the braid so it appears a bit undone. Lastly, pull a few face-framing small pieces of hair out of the braid and either leave them as is or wrap them quickly around a curling iron.

2. The half-up poof pony

Step up your ponytail game by adding a touch of volume. To get this fabulously edgy look, start by teasing your hair around the crown and the top of scalp. Create a half ponytail, then secure with a hair tie and pull up sections of your hair from the roots throughout the half ponytail so that you have quite the poof. After that, gather the rest of your hair and place it into a regular high ponytail.

3. The braided messy bun

A more chic version of the everyday bun? Yes, please. When you throw a braid into the mix, you’ll be sure to wow everyone! Part your hair on the side and French braid a 1″ section of your hair all the way down the hairline, extending the braid down to the ends of your hair. Secure the braid with a small, clear hair tie. When you’re done, gather all your hair (including the braid) and create a low messy bun. Secure the bun with a hair tie or bobby pins.

4. The sleek top knot

The top knot is super popular these days, not to mention easy to create (seriously!). To get started, gather your hair into a tight ponytail, then slick back hair with hair spray or gel. Next, take the ponytail and twist all the way down to the ends of your hair. Next, start twisting the hair clockwise into a bun around the hair tie. Secure the bun with bobby pins and you’re good to go!