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 How can I get my eyelashes to hold their curl?

Answer: If you weren’t born with naturally curly lashes, you’ve probably been asking this question for years. I, like many other women, was born with stick straight lashes that seem to droop immediately after I curl them. So if you’d like to conquer your downward-facing, stubborn lashes, read on—I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.

First and foremost, make sure you’ve invested in a quality eyelash curler. You should be able to fit all your lashes into the device, and you should feel some resistance when you gently clamp down on your lashes.

When you curl your lashes, do so in 3 segments: start at the base of your lash, (near the roots of your lashes) and gently squeeze the eyelash curler. Do this a few times for about 3 seconds before moving to the middle of your eyelash and repeating these steps. Then you’ll want to move down to the tip of your eyelash and gently curl it as you did with the first two segments. This method will give your lashes a beautiful, natural-looking curl—and be careful not to pinch your skin!

Once you’ve curled your lashes, quickly apply a few coats of waterproof mascara. The oil and wax in waterproof mascara formulas will hold your curl ten times better than the water-based formulas of non-waterproof mascaras. When I apply my waterproof mascara after curling my lashes, I find it very effective to hold my mascara wand at the tip of my lashes for a few seconds, almost “holding” the lash up so that it dries in such a shape. You can also use your finger to keep your lashes in shape while your mascara dries.

After following these tips, you should have a beautiful curl to your eyelashes that’ll last all day!