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bright eyes

Photo: Pumpkincat

Ahh, this is probably one of my favorite questions: How do I make my eyes look brighter? I love this question because it’s accompanied by such a great answer! There are so many little tricks that can make the eyes brighter. These tips are great for when you’re sleepy, sick, or just need a little boost for the day. Try some of these tips out and see how much brighter your eyes get:

Tip 1: Highlight

This is probably the quickest and easiest way to make these eyes appear brighter. Simply apply a shimmery white eyeshadow or highlighter with a small brush to the inner corners of the eyes and under the brows, particularly at the highest point of the arch. My favorite highlighters? I love Makeup Geek’s Ice Queen and Shimma Shimma, and I’m obsessed with Becca’s highlighter in Moonstone. For an extra bright bonus, lightly dust a little highlighter on the center of your eye lid!

MUG ice queen

Ice Queen, $5.99

MUG shimma shimma

Shimma Shimma, $5.99

Tip 2: Conceal

This is the most important tip I have to share with you. Without concealer under the eyes, the eyes will look dark no matter what else you do. Concealing under the eyes is incredibly easy. If you’re using a concealer with a wand applicator (like NYX HD Concealer Wand), simply draw an upside down triangle under your eyes—from the inner corner, down the side of the nose, connecting to the outer corner, and back to the inner corner. Then, use a foundation brush (or even better, and angled foundation brush) to tap the product to blend it in. Be sure to tap and not drag, because that will cause the product to move around, reducing the coverage. If you’re using a pot (like Benefit Erase Paste), use your finger to lightly tap the product in the same triangle shape under the eyes, focusing most where the circles are the darkest. If you’re using a liquid concealer without a wand (like MAC Pro Longwear Concealer) use either your fingers or a brush to apply the product in the same triangle shape (seeing a theme here?) and then blend out with a larger brush. Finally, be sure to powder over this area using either a pressed or loose powder. My favorite is elf HD Undereye Setting Powder. Use a tapered brush to tap this product on top of your concealer to set it, then you’re all set!

MAC PLW Concealer           benefit erase paste

Tip 3: White Eyeliner

This is one of my favorite tips to share because it’s super easy, but it makes a big difference. Use white eyeliner in the same spots that I recommended for highlighting—the inner corners of the eyes and under the brows. Then, set this using a matte white eyeshadow, like the White shade from the LORAC PRO Palette. You can also use this eyeliner on the lower waterline to really brighten up the eyes. This works particularly well if your eyes are irritated and red and need a little extra kick of brightness.

I hope these tips brightened up your day! Try these tips out when you need your eyes to look more awake and bright! What are your favorite ways to brighten your eyes?