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No eyeshadow color should be off limits. If I’ve learned anything about beauty over the years, it’s that pretty much anyone can pull off any look if they use the right technique. A lot of these unwritten beauty rules are based off of an instance of poor execution. Don’t wear a bold eye look and a bold lip. Pink and red eyeshadows make you look sick. Nude lips should always be glossy. Pishposh, right? If you want to wear colored shadows, then go for it! Here are three techniques that prove eyeshadow looks with a lot of color can look amazing.

Go big or go home

Although they may not everyone’s cup of tea, dramatic eyeshadow looks can be incredibly beautiful. Grab your favorite individual shadows or a color centered palette, like the Urban Decay Electric palette, and get creative. Select a few key shades that either complement or contrast one another. For a really bold look, use every color in the rainbow! Just don’t forget to use varying tints and shades to create dimension in the eye.

Smoke it out

Smokey eyes will never go out of style. Ever. So why not give the classic look a little twist by using a color on the lid and smoking it out? NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are great for this kind of look because the cream shadows give great pigmentation and make lid application easy. Just apply your color and then blend everything with your favorite nudes and neutrals per usual.

Use it as eyeliner

Colored eyeliner is a great way to add a touch of color to your eyes without appearing too dramatic. To create the look, just take your favorite eyeshadow and use an eyeliner brush to pack the color onto your lower or upper lash line. I like to use this e.l.f. Essential Eyeliner Brush because it’s pretty thick, but doesn’t look messy. If you have a shadow that’s more on the sheer side, dab or spritz your brush with water or a solution.

What are some of your favorite colorful eyeshadow looks?