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Question: What are the most fabulous spring nail trends?

Answer: Beautifully manicured and stylish nails are more popular than ever these days, and for all the right reasons! Applying the perfect polish can really pull together any look—and it’ll make you appear ultra-polished. There are so many different styles, shades and designs to try, so get your brushes ready and check out these awesome nail trends:

1. Milky pastels

Milky-white nails were a seriously hot trend at this year’s New York Fashion Week. A pale nail is glamorous and stands out in the best way. White isn’t the only way to achieve this milky coloring, however. Nudes, pale blues and pinks are all very popular and flattering nail colors. I recommend Butter London’s Cuppa which is the perfect creamy-nude color that takes natural nails to a whole new level. For pinks, Essie’s Ballet Slippers is a must, and for blues—Essie Borrowed and Blue. I’m calling it now—super pale blue nails are going to be the hot color this spring. This color looks great on every skin tone and is such a sweet and charming hue.

2. Ombre

This one can be tricky if you’re not well-versed in your nail painting techniques. To try your shot at ombre, choose two nail colors in the same color family, such as a deep purple or light lilac. Start with the purple and paint the bottom half of your nail—actually, the messier and more jagged the edge of this section is, the better. While this half is still wet, grab the lilac and paint the top half of your nail, again with a jagged edge blending into the deep purple. Take your brush (from either the lilac or the purple) and blend the two together ever-so-slightly right where the colors meet. Keep the coats relatively thin so you don’t have a bubbly, textured mess when you’re done. Finish off with a clear coat and voilà!

If you’re running low on time, you can do a different take on the ombre nail and paint each nail a lighter shade than the previous nail so you have a succession of nail colors. For example, paint your thumb nail a dark charcoal; your pointer finger, a standard charcoal; your middle finger, grey; your ring finger, light grey; and your pinky, a grey-ish white.

3. Reverse french manicure

This trend is super versatile and can be used with many different shades. To achieve this look, paint a few coats of your color of choice as you normally would over your entire nail. Next, paint a small section of your nail a different color right above the cuticle so it mirrors the shape of your nails. Have oval nails? You’ll want to keep this section oval-shaped, and if you have stiletto nails, make the section a bit more pointy. A great look to try is using a sandy-nude color on the base of your nails and a bright white for the reverse french tip.

4. Glitter tips

Another gorgeous nail trend? Replacing the classic french tip with glittery-nail polish! Throw in a few arbitrary rhinestones into the mix to create the illusion that a shimmery shower of glitter is falling upon your nails. I think this style looks best when the glitter is extended mid-nail instead of a crisp line of glitter at the tip. If you want to switch it up even more, put the glitter at the base of your nail instead.

What is your favorite nail trend?