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As the seasons change so do the clothes in our closet, this can be exciting if you’re trying to revamp your look or if you were impatiently waiting to try out a new trend that wasn’t summer weather friendly. Now that fall is officially here it’s time to break out the boots, light jackets and leather ensembles, but you might be asking yourself if your chunky sweater or mini leopard skirt is appropriate for the office or better left for a night out with the girls.

When you’re working in an office the dress code is usually strictly business. Depending on the environment you might be able to get away with some more casual pieces but remember that old adage, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

Don’t settle for basic black slacks and a blazer. Switch it up this season with some of these choices for fall office wear:

The Perfect Skirts


$69, Express

$69, Express

A midi skirt is office appropriate because it falls just above your knee. This skirt from Express is high waisted, slimming and is on trend with leather. Pair it with a cute colorful sweater, from beige to red, and heels.


Can’t let go of your mini skirts? Girl, we get it. You want to show your gorgeous legs off. We don’t blame you. Just make sure your skirt isn’t too short. If your finger tips reach where your skirt ends it’ll work for the office. A pleated skirt can give a youthful vibe to your look. Pair it with a long sleeved fitted t-shirt or quilted t-shirt and you’ll be good to go.



Surprisingly, leopard and other prints can be worn to work. Just make sure you tone it down on the top. A leopard skirt, black long sleeve shirt, tights and black booties make one fierce combo.

The Perfect Trousers

Let’s get serious for one moment. Trousers truthfully rarely look good on anyone, which makes them hard to buy. They can make you look like you’re going to a funeral, maybe they bunch up, make your butt look bigger (and not in a good way) or they’re just too long. Stay away from plain black and opt for a houndstooth print to make a subtle change to your wardrobe or high wasted pants that’ll cinch you at the top. Petite women should stay away from regular sizes and look for short instead so they’re not swimming in their pants and they’re tailored to you.

The Perfect Dresses

Dresses are always the quickest style options. Throw on a dress and a pair of heels and you’ll instantly look put together. Go bold with red or burgundy, add contrast with florals and stripes or try a bodycon dress to show off your figure.

The Perfect Tops


Finding the perfect top can be the hardest part because it can make or break your outfit. If your pants are plain opt for shirts with delicate detailing, prints or contrast piping. Cropped tops also work well with high waisted skirts or leather jeggings.

The fall is the perfect time for shopping for office wear because you can’t go wrong. You don’t have to worry about over exposure like in the summer. Just try to switch it up with a few signature dresses and shirts or eye catching sets.


Photo by payalnic