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Fall is rapidly approaching. It’s like tomorrow. Just kidding! But get ready to put away those open toe shoes and cut off shorts to make room for ankle booties and chunky sweaters. Although we’ll be saying goodbye to the beach, we’ll also be saying hello to fall’s beautiful and colorful leaves. Kiss frizzy hair and humidity goodbye, because fall is just around the corner. This fall’s trends has promising looks for you to sport wherever you go! During the fall, I love to wear chunky sweaters and scarves. But before it gets too cold, bear your legs in your favorite skirt, topped off with a denim or leather jacket. Neutral colors are the best for fall, but add pops of color with hues of red, orange and pastels. My ultimate fall weaknesses are loafers and brogues. Check out these fall outfits for 2014:

Trench Coat

I love the way a trench coat completes an ensemble; it creates a very polished look and is the perfect fall fashion staple. In rain or shine, throw on this neutral trench coat and be on your merry way!

Chunky Sweater + Cut-off Shorts

If you’re feeling a bit nostalgic and miss throwing on a pair of shorts, there’s still room for you to show off those legs. Only this time, you won’t be wearing a tank top. A chunky knit sweater and leather booties look great with denim shorts for the fall.


Chiffon is oh-so-chic and girly! Pair a basic chiffon top with boyfriend jeans for a relaxed and natural look. Finish the ensemble with cutoff brogues or loafers and a wide brim fedora.

Now that you know how to look cute this fall, I bet you’re ready to bid farewell to the summer. We’re almost there! In the meantime, savor the last few days at the beach while shopping around for your perfect fall wardrobe!