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It’s that time of the year again, when jackets, gloves and scarves are a must before you think of stepping outside. Then again, sometimes stepping outside is the issue. A picturesque winter wonderland might look good on Instagram but it doesn’t feel good when you’re standing in a foot of snow shivering and wet. Forget your everyday flats and boots; in order to keep your toes from turning blue, you’ve got to invest in a pair of snow boots. Snow boots can be big and bulky—but there are some fashionable choices out there for those of us that like to keep it looking fresh from head to toe.

Here are my top picks for fashionable snow boots:

Known for their comfortable boots (that every girl and their mother rocks), the moment leaves start to fall on the ground (or in the spring with shorts, which I will never understand) UGG Australia also has snow boots. These boots are great for those who want to wear snow boots without looking like they’re actually wearing them. They’re simple, short so you can wear skinny jeans with them and not look bulky and the two buckles add an edgier style to your look.

Snow and SOREL go hand in hand. Their boots are popular in Canada so they’re probably on to something. If the snowfall is heavy in your area these tall and sturdy boots might be perfect for you. My favorite parts are the heels and laces. The heel adds a little bit of extra height and won’t leave you slipping and sliding when walking around on ice or pockets of snow and the black laces and gold contrast add a cool effect to an otherwise plain boot.

For some, black is too boring. Especially since harsh winter weather can be bleak enough. These boots, also from SOREL, feature bright orange laces, a splash of blue and are in a light canvas color lined with wool. See, you can still make a statement this winter.

Now you can ‘shake it off’ with these white winter boots from Keds. The bottom resembles a classic Keds sneaker and the orange gives you a pop of color. The toggles on the side almost look like bows from a ribbon, an added bonus, and the boot has faux-shearling lining aka it’ll feel like your toes are walking on clouds. Who knows, maybe since Taylor Swift is now a New Yorker she’ll be wearing these as she slushes through the streets of Manhattan.

Maybe you’re not a Swifty fan but celebrity style still influences you. Get a one-up on Beyonce and Rihanna with these Tims (side note: only the cool kids can say Tims, you’re now in the know, you’re welcome). The Mount Hope boot comes in a light tan color, rubbered sole for traction and the boots are completely green, the fur lining is made from recycled plastic bottles. Good for the environment and soft on your feet, what more could you ask for?

There are plenty of other options out there—these are just a few to lead you in the right direction. These boots just show you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion, so stop ruining your expensive boots and invest in a warm (and appealing) snow boot this winter.