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Question: Are fedoras fashionable or disturbing?

Answer: Alright, I admit: I’m a little confused by the fedora myself. They actually make me a little uncomfortable, as I have this terrible paranoia that fedora-wearing folk hold many secrets. But did you know that many people outside of the USA have no idea why these hats are so hated? In many other areas, they are really quite fashionable. And even now, they seem to be making a major comeback.

While I may have my own opinions regarding fedoras, many fashionistas have been spotted rocking them. So, yes—fedoras can be pulled off successfully…but you have to be confident about it. For fedora-spiration, check out pictures of the super-chic bohemian trends at Coachella. I am a sucker for boho fashion, so whenever I spot a brilliant outfit along with a fedora, I’m typically too distracted by the amazingness of the outfit to even care about the fedora itself.

Something I have often noticed is that we tend to associate fedoras with specific individuals. Perhaps we’re plagued with a bad memory involving somebody who once wore a fedora. What happens, then? Well, it turns into our fedora memory, and after that, all other fedoras are forever condemned.

So anyway, whether or not the fedora is fashionable vs disturbing depends very much on your attitude toward said fedora, and the atmosphere. At a music festival, it’ll be embraced and even on-trend. At a dive bar…maybe not so much.

Remember: if you do end up attempting this statement piece, you have to own it. Don’t let the fedora own you. [cringe]

What do you think of fedoras?

  • Anne

    I personally hate fedoras

  • lipstick and pearls

    it really depends on who is wearing the fedora. some people can pull it off so well, and others just seem obnoxious.

  • tessa

    Fedoras are cute :)

  • Lee Chu

    I think they’re adorable on both men and women. It’s all about the color. Gray is best.