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 Do comfortable heels exist?

Answer: Absolutely! While we have all witnessed (or been) those girls whose heels end up on their hands rather than their feet, there is hope when it comes to finding a comfortable pair. We all know that women are guilty of being visual shoppers: we fall in love with a pair of chic heels, no matter how much they blister our feet. Well, the truth is that you actually don’t need to sacrifice comfort while wearing your favorite heels. Here’s what you need to know:

Online shopping for heels is like winning the lottery: every now and then you’ll win and find nice fitting heels, while other times you lose and end up with heels that are quite uncomfortable. A woman’s heel size can fluctuate depending on the shoe. Some heels run too small or big, so it’s best to try them out before purchasing them. You shouldn’t have to accommodate your feet with a pair of heels, but rather: the heels should accommodate your feet. 


Wedges are a heel virgin’s best friend—because the heel is connected to the sole of the shoe, it provides full balance and control when walking. Women can easily walk on a sidewalk crack or grass without having to worry about clumsily getting stuck. Wedges are also very versatile, as you can easily pair them with a nice sundress or style them more casual with jeans and a top.



High heels with thin soles are uncomfortable due to all the pressure being placed on the ball of the foot. All that tippy-toe walking motion can lead women to develop calluses on the ball of the foot, which leads to sharp pain when walking. This problem can be avoided by opting for heels that have a platform. So, what exactly is a platform? It is the thick sole in the front of the heel. The benefit of a platform heel is that it adds a few inches underneath the toe area, which allows your fingers to be less ached and more parallel to the ground. A platform heel not only relieves your fingers from pain, but it also provides balance with the rest of the heel.


Chunky heels

Like wedges, chunky heels give you full support when walking, due to its thicker heel. The chunky heel prevents you from wobbling around, giving you all the stability you need to walk. A general rule of thumb: the thinner the heel, the less stability you’ll have.