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Question: Flatforms are all the rage right now – but are they safe to walk in?

Answer: The flatform trend has reared its head again, as it was a trend in the 90s. I am all for the flatform trend! They’re perfect to add a bit of height and edginess to your look because, well…the higher the heel, the higher the boost of confidence!

However, flatforms may appear to be quite difficult to walk in… but it’s nothing a little breaking in can’t fix! They also typically feature a chunky sole, which makes for more balanced walking—making them perfectly safe to walk in. A thicker sole is always more preferable over a thinner sole, as thin soles will place more emphasis on your heels, giving you heel pain.

Flatforms feature a chunky sole all around yet provide the same purpose as high heels. Flatforms, therefore, are a perfect alternative to high heels and stilettos. They’re the perfect way to add some heel height, without having to add pain!

However, alike heels, flatforms are versatile—and can be dressed up or down!


Wear a casual graphic/printed tee with white asymmetrical shorts(as shown above). This looks effortlessly chic!

Pair flatforms with a chunky black sole with a minimalistic outfit (white chiffon top, black jeans) and a bright statement necklace to add a pop of color.

Dress up flatforms by pairing them with a floral skater skirt (as shown above)

The options are endless, but to reiterate your question, yes, flatforms are totally safe and sole cute! (no pun intended).