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Choosing the right foundation shade can be tricky for those with really fair or dark skin tones. I’ve had trouble finding a shade that doesn’t appear orange on my fair skin. We’re all unique so thankfully foundations come in hundreds of colors!

But what if you don’t know what your skin tone is? If you’re not sure, use a swatch from a makeup store as a guide. Or, use these tricks to find the perfect foundation shade to suit your individual skin tone. 

Foundation Tips and Tricks

Determine your general skin tone.

Complexions can vary from fair and light, to olive and medium or dark with tan and brown tones. Generally, your natural color is easy to figure out. If you know your skin tone, you can then look for the right foundation shade. If you need help, ask a friend or family member! Be sure to keep the season in mind. Typically, your skin tone appears lighter during the winter and darker in the summer.

Test out different shades.

Head to your favorite makeup counter or drugstore and start looking for shades that match your general skin tone. Choose a couple testers and place a dab on the backside of your hand or on the curve of your jawline in order to see which color blends the best. If possible, try this technique under natural light to see what your makeup would look like if you were to apply it daily.

Discover which undertones you have.

Testing out colors on your skin can help you determine your undertones, which are either cool or warm. If you’re in between two foundation shades, go with the lighter one because it’s less likely to streak. If in doubt, ask an employee at the counter for a second opinion. The perfect shade will blend in with your skin, not stand out.

Not ready to commit to a color?

Personally, I use a tinted moisturizer with BB cream because it covers like a foundation, but feels light. You can find these products in drugstores at affordable prices. Powdered foundations are even lighter than liquid formulas. If you aren’t ready to commit to a color, try out a tinted moisturizer or a powder to see what colors work for you.

Finding the right foundation can be a challenge. Just be sure to understand your skin tone and test out different products. In no time, you’ll find that perfect shade for you!

Favorite Foundations