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Question: What are some frugal fashion accessories?

Answer: If you’re tired of spending money on the newest trendy clothes but still want to refresh your wardrobe, investing in versatile accessories can totally transform your closet. It’s a wonderful feeling to look and feel confident because of a perfectly polished outfit—and having the right pieces will make you feel beautiful inside and out!

1. The statement necklace

(Nordstrom, $34)

The trendy statement necklace has actually been a valuable wardrobe staple for thousands of years. From the ancient Egyptian pharaohs to Elizabeth Taylor, historically chic individuals have turned heads in this coveted accessory.

2. Black pumps

(Zappos, $35)

Additionally, the simplest yet most significant adornment is a quality pair of black pumps. It’s definitely okay to splurge on a pair because you’ll have them forever. Since heels are quintessentially elegant and black goes with everything, black pumps can be worn for a casual lunch, weddings, daily office work, weekend engagements or evening events.

3. Pearls


(Macy’s, $34)

Aside from owning black pumps, Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel and Sarah Jessica Parker have one thing in common, which is their affinity for pearls. Thus, this timeless and elegant accessory is more accessible and popular than ever. Pearls are wonderful because they can be worn at anything from a presidential inauguration to grabbing drinks at your local bar. Plus, if you don’t want to splurge the real thing, many stores sell imitation pearls that are just as beautiful, but for a fraction of the price!

4. Scarves


(Nordstrom, $22)

If you want an accessory to garner a little more attention, a scarf with a whimsical pattern can add a pop of color and show off your personality. Scarves at Coach, Anthropologie and Forever 21 always have a variety of colors and prices. No matter the season, a lightweight scarf can make you look like a fashion pro in minutes.

5. Patterned tights


(Modcloth, $18)

Lately, patterned tights have been really popular at many high-end department stores, signifying a fashion-empire approved way to dress up your outfit. Patterns range from polka dots to floral prints, and they add the perfect hint of personality to a neutral outfit when paired with a cute pair of booties.

Remember that you don’t need to immediately buy a new statement necklace, scarf, a pair of tights, black pumps or string of pearls all at once, because these accessories will always be around. However, keep an eye out for one of these add-ons the next time you go shopping, because a versatile embellishment can make any outfit new again!