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How can I get beautiful legs?

Answer: Whether you’re preparing for spring break or getting ready to break out your favorite sundress, this is the time of the year to get those gams ready for the world. Winter can really take a toll on our legs, leaving them pale and dry. There are several things you can do now so your legs will be looking beach-ready and beautiful:

1. Exercise, even if it’s just for a little while.
Maintaining a steady workout routine and getting those squats in is the first step in achieving toned and fit legs. Calf raises are also an easy addition to your workout routine, as they will elongate and tone the legs.

2. Try body brushing.
The next step is body brushing, which is by far the most effective way to exfoliate scaly skin. You can find body brushes at most large drugstores, and it will be the best purchase you’ll ever make for your skin. Brush dry skin in small circles starting at the foot and work all the way up to your neck. Body brushing ultimately helps shed dry skin. The benefits are really endless; I’ve noticed a drastic improvement in my legs ever since I started dry brushing.

Use your body brush before hopping into the shower and immediately after getting out. If you want a lotion with a fragrance, go for The Body Shop Body Butters. They have tons of different varieties and are super-hydrating. The combination of dry brushing and moisturizing will instantly give your legs that perfect boost of moisture.

3. If you can’t get a real tan, fake it!
Add a healthy glow to your legs for extra radiance. Try a self-tanner for natural looking color. Of course, once you start self-tanning you’ll want to give the body brush a rest, as this will brush off the self-tanner.

Tip: For instant glow, try melting bronzer or highlighting powder into a body oil. Rub it onto your legs and you’ll have that supermodel-like glow we all strive for.