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What’s the best way to get rid of acne scars?

Answer: Go ahead, I dare you to try and name one good thing about having acne. Can’t think of anything? Me neither. Acne is dreadful in all stages—at its onset when it’s first appearing, when it finally breaks through and ruins your day (or days—even weeks, if it’s a really nasty one), and after it’s gone and left behind its traces. Believe it or not, acne scars don’t always just appear from picking or popping blemishes—sometimes, when the skin is unable to properly form collagen and the enzymes within the acne dissolve any repairing collagen or elastin, unsightly scars appear. These marks add insult to injury since not only are they a horrible reminder of the pesky pimple that was once in its place, but we also have to figure out how to deal with this lasting scar.

In order to properly handle acne scars, take some precautionary measures to prevent them from happening in the first place. Always wash your face before going to bed to rinse off dirt, oil, and makeup, and prevent any new breakouts from forming. If you do have a particularly large pimple, avoid picking it at all costs and instead head to the dermatologist. Doctors can give you a steroid shot to help reduce inflammation and cut down on the size of the lesion that could potentially form. In addition, try speaking with a dermatologist about topical or oral treatments, but if going to a dermatologist isn’t in the cards or you’d rather not pay any doctor fees, OTC topical creams with benzoyl peroxide often work wonders at reducing and healing acne.

Try a product such as Bio Oil which has PurCellin oil to help moisturize the skin and blend the scars with the rest of your complexion. This process may take a few weeks or even over a month, but many users claim to have seen great results.

Another great product to use is a scar treatment gel or cream that stimulates collagen production and also heals damaged skin.

Makeup tricks also help to conceal scars in the mean time during the healing process. Look for a concealer with full coverage such as the Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer (it says it right in the name!). Apply this with a small brush instead of your fingers to avoid any germs or oils from your hands mixing in. Try not to pile on the makeup too thick so that it doesn’t accentuate the scars by settling in them rather than seamlessly working to conceal them. On top of the concealer, lightly buff on a mineral foundation with a kabuki brush instead of a thick liquid foundation. If your skin tends to get greasy throughout the day, use blotting sheets to get rid of any excess oil instead of packing on the powder.

As a side note, if you notice that your acne can’t be healed with any topical treatments or OTC products, definitely look into seeing a doctor, as there may be more serious internal reasons for your acne, or the doctors may have a better prescription regimen that will actually work to treat your acne.