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Question: How can I get rid of upper lip hair?

Answer: It all started when I was going out on a routine trip to get my eyebrows waxed at the local hair salon. My head was tilted back on a hair sink, when the esthetician offered to wax my lip when she finished my eyebrows. I had never even realized that I needed it, but after a quick look in the mirror, my upper lip was coated in wax—and that baby was gone!  So, I completely understand your desire to keep your upper lip as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

There’s always the option of going to a salon or spa and having it waxed. However, I’ve found that some salons lack privacy and most spas aren’t cheap. So I learned to do it myself.

Don’t let waxing your own lip intimidate you!  It’s simple, cheap, and you can do it in the privacy of your own home. All you will need is Sally Hansen’s Microwavable Eyebrow, Face, and Lip Wax Kit and a couple of Tums.  (Be sure that you purchase the microwavable wax, as the wax strip kits can be very painful from my experience!)

Step one:  Take your tums a little ahead of time. I was once told by an esthetician that Tums antacid will help cut back on the redness post-wax.

Step two:  Wash your face—it’s better to wax clean skin.

Step three:  Heat up your wax. I usually heat mine in the microwave with the lid off for 2:30 to 3 minutes. If your wax still resembles a hard lump, continue heating it for :30 increments until it’s fully melted.

Step four:  Determine if the wax is the correct temperature by dipping the blue applicator into the wax. There is a message on the plastic applicator that only appears when it’s ready.

Step five:  Cover the applicator with a thin layer of wax. Apply it to one half of your upper lip, using caution not to let it touch your actual lip.

Step six: Rip the wax off of your lip in one fluid motion, and pull in the direction of the outer corner of your lip towards the middle corner of your lip. It helps to rip it off quickly, like a band-aid. Discard the used wax in a waste basket.

Step seven:  Repeat steps five and six on the opposite side of your mouth.

Step eight:  Wax any areas that you may have missed.

Step nine:  When you are happy with the results, smooth the included Extrasoothe Benzocaine Lotion on waxed areas. It feels heavenly!

And just like that, your upper lip is hair-free!