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As someone with poor vision who switches between contacts and glasses daily, I know that nailing the perfect makeup look can be a challenge. Glasses frame your eyes and face, so you don’t want to go overboard with the makeup, as “less is more.” Here are some makeup tips and tricks for all you gorgeous girls with glasses: 

Makeup tips

Because glasses draw attention to the eyebrows, make sure yours are neat and well-groomed. Pluck any stray hairs with tweezers and fill in any sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil. For a simple and classic look, stick with neutral makeup and bright, bold lips. Opt for a brown smokey eye, a look that’s versatile and matches even the funkiest shirt in your wardrobe. Next, line your eyes with an eyeliner of your choice. I personally use the Wet N’ Wild Liquid Eyeliner in Black. This drugstore eyeliner is a steal and lasts a long time.

Winged eyeliner look

The frames of my glasses are thick, so I tend to go heavy on the eyeliner. I finish off my makeup look with a winged eyeliner. Here’s how to achieve a winged eyeliner look:

  • Draw a line from your bottom lid at a 45-degree angle, approximately where your bottom lashes end.
  • Connect the top of this line and drag the line towards your eyelid. This should make a “wing” or a triangle shape.
  • Fill it in and line your eyes, and you’re all set!

Don’t forget the mascara! Layer your mascara for some extra oomph. Begin with lengthening mascara and then give your lashes a second coat with volume-enhancing mascara. This ensures that eyelashes are long and voluminous. Or, if you’re in a pinch, opt for a mascara that adds length and volume simultaneously. I recommend They’re Real! by Benefit.

Complete your makeup routine with lipstick. Since it’s fall, go for a dark lipsticks like the Wet N’ Wild  in Cherry Bomb or Mac’s Ruby Woo.

 For all you lovely ladies with glasses: What’s your makeup routine?