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Question: What is a good brand of matte lipstick?

Answer: Matte, matte, matte: I, too, can’t stand the thought of shimmery glitter on my lips. It seems a bit..much. But, alas, many of my friends say I’m crazy for being pretty much matte-only. So, I’m glad you’re part of the matte club as well :).

I’ll cut to the chase: NARS is (by far) the greatest when it comes to matte lipstick. You really can’t go wrong.

But what if I told you that a bold matte lip pencil might be even better? No, really. Years ago, I walked into a Buffalo Exchange to see if I could score some sweet outfit ensembles, and one of their staff members was sporting the most flawless red matte lip I had ever seen. When I asked her what lipstick she used (I was ready to make a bee-line for Sephora), she proclaimed that she, in fact, was not wearing any lipstick. Gasp. What was her trick, then? A lip pencil. That was all. If you want to try this, the trick is to moisturize your lips and then take a wonderful matte lip pencil and fill in your lips until they are completely full. If you’re ready to attempt this yourself—and I promise it’s easy as pie—MAC carries the best range of matte lip pencils, in my opinion.

My favorite matte lipstick brand: NARS

For the cool lip pencil trick:


Have a wonderfully matte day!

  • sunset_1

    Came here to say NARS, and it was already listed!