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What are some good sunless tanners?

Answer: The best part about warm weather is exposing your skin to some much needed Vitamin D. While we’re tempted to stay out in the sun to achieve that perfect summer glow, too much exposure to the sun can lead to serious health issues, including premature skin aging, sun burn,  and even skin cancer.

Luckily, there are a ton of ways to get a beautiful tan without setting foot outside or into a tanning bed. Spray tans and bronzing lotions have been popping up in all the top fashion magazines as the best alternative to the sun’s rays. However, just like any other beauty regimen, there is an art to making it look good. With these products, you’ll be ready for the summer without any of the health risks.

The key to an even, natural looking sunless tan is clean, exfoliated skin. Before applying any bronzing lotion,  be sure to shave your legs/armpits/anything else that may be exposed. After you’re shaved, exfoliate your skin with brown sugar or another exfoliant of your choice. This way, the dead skin cells will be scraped away and your skin will be a clear, empty canvas for your bronze masterpiece.

Wait a few minutes to air dry your skin, then choose your next bronzing lotion. In most cases, bronzing lotion takes a few applications to set and darken before you see the desired results. If you’re planning to appear tan for an upcoming event, it’s best to start applying your lotion 2-3 days beforehand for a noticeable tint.

America’s favorite bronzing lotion has always been Jergen’s. This tried and true brand is affordable and delivers the best results. Jergen’s Natural Glow is a daily moisturizer that gradually tints with each use, allowing your skin to develop a natural looking base tan. If you’re impatient, their 3 Days to Glow moisturizer provides the same care with quicker results and comes in two shades: fair to medium and medium to tan.

Another great option is the Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy line. Whether you prefer lotion, spray, or powder, the Beach Sexy line has a variety of products that will provide you with a sexy beach glow. The lotion goes on evenly, smells delicious, and doesn’t leave your hands or elbows looking orange. Plus, each product contains a hint of shimmer, giving you that all-over glow!

Summer is still a few months away, but thanks to these self tanners, we don’t have to wait for the sun to give us a beautiful bronze look! What are some of your tips and tricks to scoring the perfect tan?