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No matter the season, the green smokey eye never goes out of style. You can easily give your look a twist by adding a hint of color.  What better way to greet the fall than with an emerald smokey eye? By following these steps, you can achieve this beautiful eye-catching look.

Step 1: Prime your eyes!

Just like an artist when he paints a canvas, you should always start any eye look by priming your eyes.Eye primer will not only help keep your eyeshadow last longer but it will also help intensify the colors.

Step 2: Use a transition color

Before we add any color to our lids, it is vital to start any look with a transition color. A transition color is a color that is a shade or two darker than you skin color. This color is used to create a smoother transition between your crease and brow bone color. The best way to apply this matte shadow is to use a fluffy brush and blend it a little above your crease. The key is to blend, blend, blend!!

Step 3: The Crease

Using a crease brush we want to apply a medium brown shadow onto our crease. This step will help us add more depth and dimension into our eyes.

Step 4: Brow Highlight

You want to add a light cream shadow to the brow bone. This not only will highlight the area, but also give your brows a lifted look.

Step 5: Add the Emerald Shadow

Now time to add the pop of color. With a flat shader brush pat the emerald shadow onto you lid. You always want to use patting motions to pack on the color. Using a clean fluffy brush clean up your crease to create a clean transition.

Step 6: Add a dark color to the Outer-V

With a dark brown or a black, draw a line following your water line and your crease. It should create a “V” shape on the outer half of the eye. With a fluffy brush blend the color well while still keeping the shape.

Step 7: Finishing touches

Add the same emerald shadow underneath your lash line. You can add eyeliner onto your waterline and also create a wing liner on your lids. The last step is to add some mascara and lashes (optional).

Voila! You have successfully created an emerald smokey eye. Don’t forget to try out different colors!