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wardrobe clean out

When it comes to that spring clean or that closet clean out, it’s really hard to decide on what you have to part ways with. I have been there many times before, and it only get’s harder, especially if you really liked that one specific piece. I firmly believe that certain or many styles of clothing in fact always come back around in full circle. However, there are also some articles of clothing that is a “one seasons only” piece that might be a good idea to get rid of.


This item of clothing should really be good for about 1-2 seasons, depending on how well they are made as well as the cut and style. Skinny jeans are always in, all year-round. If you have a favourite pair of skinnies, keep them, for as long as you can. However, if you are dealing with a boot cut or a wide leg bell-bottom, you may want to consider saying your goodbyes and moving on to better things. Boyfriend jeans on the other hand are good from spring through to late fall. This cut, although baggy is a really faltering cut to a majority of body shapes and sizes.


This is a no-brainer. This kind of clothing is primarily worn in two major seasons, fall and winter. I personally cycle through sweaters every two fall/ winter seasons. Due to the fact that you are not wearing them all year round, they can last a little longer, keeping them in good shape for one more cycle of a colder season.


The thing about blouses is that there are so many different kinds. The choices are endless. For me personally, I like to have a few clean-cut, professional blouses or shirts on me at all time. This helps in the work place. However, when it comes to a more fashion forward look, a blouse can last a few seasons if you maintain its upkeep. Without care, a blouse can start to look tatted and worn out. If you take care of it, keep it for a few seasons it can come in handy!

It really is up the person’s own individual style when it comes to revamping your wardrobe. When the spring clean comes along, you don’t have to toss everything away, but certain looks and styles are a one-time deal and that’s it. Others are timeless pieces. If you honestly see yourself sporting that denim or that sweater next year, keep it aside in your drawer, you may be every thankful you did!

Photo by Mark Sebastian