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Question: What hair products should I travel with?

Answer: Depending on whether your products will be going in your carry-on or check bag (that darn 3 ox rule!), you may need to invest in some travel-sized squeeze bottles to transport your favorite products. In any event, there are definitely some key items you’ll want to make sure to have with you in order to be full prepared for any situation while you’re away!

Aside from the obvious shampoo and conditioner, make sure you bring along a great leave-in conditioner. Travelling can take a real toll on your hair, so infusing it with moisture either while you’re in the shower or when you get out will help liven up your locks. On the same spectrum, bring along a heat protecting spray. Especially if you’ll be travelling somewhere warm, spending the day in a hot climate can really dry out your hair, so if you’re going to use heat tools like a blow dryer or flat iron while on vacay, apply heat protector to wet hair and then style as you normally would.

Don’t forget a good brush or comb. Wide-tooth combs are great to use on wet so that you don’t damage your hair, but a good round brush is never a bad thing to have on hand for a good travel blow-out.

Another must-have is travel sized hairspray. These can be purchased at a drug store for anywhere from $1 to $3 (yes, even the high-end brands!). There’s nothing worse than realizing your hairspray-less while on a trip after you’ve just spent the afternoon styling your hair. Aerosol sprays are more damaging to hair, so try to get a bottle of pump bottle instead (I love TresEMME Tres Two).

Try bringing along a hair serum or an argan oil to protect the ends of your hair and give your locks beautiful shine. Split ends can be remedied with argan oil, so if you want to keep your hair in tip top shape for your trip, grab the argan!

Last but not least, don’t forget the hair clips. I always hate when I go to wash my face or put my makeup on and have no way of getting my hair out of my face, so some professional hair clips are the way to go. Regular larger clips are also great for getting your hair up and out of the way for a regular style. Hair ties can sometimes be damaging, especially if you’re wrapping them haphazardly around a messy bun, so try using a clip instead to protect your hair.

What items do you like to bring along on a trip?