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Question: What hairbrush should I use? I’m looking for brushes that won’t be rough on my hair.

Answer: There is a different option for every style, but if you only use one, get The Wet Brush.

Oh, the mane dilemma. We all face it. We want perfectly coifed, luxuriously soft hair, with a little bounce and a lot of shine. It’s absolutely possible to get a salon look at home, and it starts with using the right hairbrush.

So, how can you narrow down the options? And do you really need a different brush for every style? Keep in mind that natural bristles are best for all hair types. And when in doubt about shape, pick up a nice wide paddle or oval brush (they’re very versatile). Wide toothed combs are great for detangling, while rat tail combs are best for teasing. And a round ceramic brush will be your best friend when you’re battling the blow dryer.

However, if you’re only going to invest in one hairbrush — The Wet Brush takes the cake!

I was at the salon about a week ago. It’s always a pleasure and an educational experience. My stylist attends all of these hair shows, and returns with awesome new tips & tools from the pros. This particular visit, she told me of her favorite new find: The Wet Brush. Their official website describes the brush as “magical” (and it is!). Naturally, I have pretty thick and easily tangled wavy locks. Brushing my hair is always a chore. But The Wet Brush painlessly gets rid of all the knots, and it works quickly! Pretty magical.

It’s been said that daily brushing leads to healthier, shinier hair. Truthfully, it depends on your hair. Our scalp produces natural oils (moisturizers for your hair), so daily brushing helps those oils to fully coat each strand. However, if you’re prone to breakage or split ends, you could actually be doing more damage by over-brushing. I’d recommend speaking with a stylist if you’re unsure of your hair type. You can add a natural oil to your beauty routine to fortify your hair – I use both Moroccan Oil and Coconut Oil.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with many types of brushes to find the one(s) that you are most comfortable with. For an easy to use, everyday brush that won’t be so rough on your hair – try The Wet Brush.