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Halloween is (slowly, but ever-so-surely) creeping up on us. I mean, fall is already here and it seems like we were all going on summer vacations yesterday. Halloween is the first of the major fall/winter holidays and many people’s favorite. Pumpkin spice flavored everything, horror movie marathons, candy sales, costume parties. Oh, and did I mention the fashion? Here are a few ways you can celebrate Halloween while still looking fashionable.

Costume Party
DIY Cat Kitty Halloween Costume

I know that the cat costume is kind of played out but it’s one of the easiest to throw together with things you already have and it can look really cute when done right.

DIY Cheerleader Halloween Costume

Cheerleader costumes don’t get nearly enough credit as they should. A simple skirt, crop top and casual sneakers and you’re good to go. Basically, wear you outfit from class to the costume party.

DIY Barbie Costume

Who is more fashionable than Barbie? Absolutely no one. She has amazing careers, amazing homes, amazing pets, amazing friends and some of the most amazing closets in the world. Why not dress as the one and only for Halloween.

Hay Rides & Haunted Houses
Fall Themed Halloween Outfit 1

Hats are you best friends when you’re going to be out on Halloween night. You never know how cold it’ll get or when you’ll need something to cover your face when you get scared at the haunted house.

Asymmetrical Black T-Shirt Dress

You can never go wrong with an all black look especially on Halloween night. I mean, come on. The Addams family is the family  for Halloween and their wardrobe is 99% black.

Fall Themed Halloween Outfit 3

Flannels are always great for being outside in the fall, especially for Halloween trips to the pumpkin patch. They’re super comfortable, can be a great layering piece and let’s be honest here, they always look better when they’ve been worn a bit.

Photo by August Brill