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What are some great hats for summer?

Answer: Hats are an iconic staple to wear year-round. But, there’s no better time to step up your hat game than in the summer. You have many accessory options in these hot months, like trendy flower crowns and silky, cool headscarves. However, a hat is the best choice because it protects you from pesky sunburn and crows feet caused by squinting into the sun. Finding the perfect summer hat all comes down to dressing for the occasion. Here are some different hats for summer:

For the beach

You can not go wrong with a hat in a nice, airy organic straw material. Think of it as the official beach-bum uniform. Hats with overall brims like the floppy hat, cowboy, and fedora protect you from the sun. They also add cool flair to your bikini and cover-up combo, as well as make lying out in the sand the most glamorous summer activity ever.

For travel

The iconic Panama hat is your go-to accessory for travel. This style adds a polished element to your more relaxed ensembles, and will keep you looking cool while you’re flying, driving, or trekking during your summer adventures.

On Trend

There are an endless amount of hat styles out there. The sweet bowler, the throwback bucket, and the edgy snapback are all making waves this season. Pair these power players with a skater skirt, a sweetheart dress, or cutoffs and a crop top. They will keep you looking effortlessly cute and extremely on trend for the rest of the summer.

What hat will you rock this summer?