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Question: Help! Are there any fashionable backpacks?

Answer: You’re in luck. Patron Saint of Laurent got the ball rolling and kindly offered up some tasty offerings for this fall and winter. Super pricey. Super cool. HUNTER is the name, holding your stuff is the game. Cue the inspo:

Meanwhile, back on planet earth, fashionable backpacks at reasonable prices can be hard to find. But, I’m happy to report that I’ve found success on my search for the perfect alternative! With the following rules in mind, you should be able to find a backpack that best fits you.

Say yes to pattern, and no to cotton. Minimalism is key. Choose luxe fabrics.

Case study 1: the original backpack

As far as price point goes, these nippy, little backpacks are still an “investment purchase.” The DKNY selection includes a variety of backpack styles and boasts a super cool monochrome palette. Rock a bold look in an all-white or black ensemble and complete it with a matching pack. For the label lover, DKNY also offers some branded options in their “active” range. These bags come in at more reasonable prices too.

Case study 2: price on point

There’s nothing Euro trash about Breton stripes. Stripes have held on to their popularity season after season, and the good people over at Baggu have nailed the style with this lightweight canvas backpack. Their selection of backpacks is full of the stripey stuff, as well as many other striking colors. For backpack chic, it’s well worth a peek. Minimalism with a playful edge. Perfect.

Case Study 3: The wildcard

When you buy a bikini at Triangl Swimwear, it comes in a handy neoprene rucksack that you can conveniently turn into a daytime carry-all. This bag is not quite a backpack. Yet, because it’s made from a trendy fabric and super lightweight, it’s certainly a cute and cost effective option. As an added bonus, the bag comes with swimwear to match! The color palette choices range from neon to monochromethough of course, I had to go with the leopard print!

Who knew the backpack industry was so buzzing? Happy luxing.

Will you try this trend?