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Question: Are H&M’s clothes high or low quality?

Answer: H&M is great for when you need an inexpensive quick-fix for a trendy look. However, their clothes are meant to be exactly that: trendy.

H&M’s clothes are typically accessible takes on of-the-moment fashion. Cartoon character-print leggings? Check. Patterned jumpsuits? Check.

Because they’re so trendy, H&M’s clothes aren’t exactly built to last. They’ll hold together for a season, probably because you’ll only wear them for that long!

The fabrics are lighter, which means they’ll wear and tear much easier. Sometimes this can be avoided by taking extra care of your clothing, but other times you can’t do anything about it. Also, keep an eye out for loose threads—if you’re not careful, they may lead to loose hemlines.

This is a classic case of high end vs. high street. In the end, it’s all about weighing your options. Will striped pants be just as stylish one year from now? Maybe not. If that’s the case, you don’t want to spend a mint on a new pair—you just want one that will last as long as it’s in style.