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How can I get long healthy hair?

Answer: Maintaining gorgeous, long hair can certainly test your patience, but the key is to keep your hair moisturized and far away from hot styling tools. Seemingly insignificant details like shampooing hair every day, using hot styling tools and not using a detangling spray can actually damage hair! Don’t worry, though: you can have stunning locks with a good understanding of hair products, treatment and maintenance.

If you’d rather not spend the money on salon products, you can search for products at the drugstore to save a little money . Choosing the right shampoo depends on your hair type; if you have dry or damaged hair, a gentle, moisturizing shampoo is your best bet. The same goes for fine, curly and thick hair types. If you look at the shampoo labels in drugstores or ask your stylist at a salon, you can easily find the right option for your particular style. After shampooing, use an argan oil infused conditioner like Organix Moroccan Argan Oil. It’ll leave your hair super soft and it also smells wonderful, which doesn’t hurt! When you’re out of the shower, immediately spray in Aveeno leave-in conditioner, which will act as a detangler. To brush out your hair, start gently at the ends and work your way up in order to minimize breakage. After that, leave in Organix Moroccan Argan Oil to seal the hair follicles.

Salon treatments are subjective, because some beauty gurus swear by their stylists, while others religiously avoid salons and expensive products. In either case, having your hair dyed, highlighted or styled at a salon can take a toll on your tresses, so try to limit yourself to salon trips every other month. In between appointments, letting your hair air-dry as much as possible will keep it healthy. I never even use my blow dryer anymore, and only curl my hair on special occasions. Hot tools are fun to experiment with, but can quickly fry your hair if you use them frequently.

Once you start making a conscious effort to be much more gentle with your hair, it will thank you! That being so, I believe that using the right products, letting your hair air-dry, limiting your salon visits and minimally using hot styling tools is truly the secret to long, fabulous hair.