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Question: How to wear crop tops?

Answer: Crop tops may at first seem to only work with a few articles of clothing, but they can actually be very versatile. Crop tops are on trend this season; we’ve seen them on celebrities like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Laurence.

The crop top can be confusing because it falls on a strange place on the spectrum, from showing too much skin to showing no skin at all. The range is there for a reason; crops can be worn to show a centimeter or a few inches of skin. This decision remains up to you and your comfort level. If your stomach and waist area isn’t your favorite asset, go for a longer crop top that only reveals a tiny bit of skin in that area.

The crop top has populated the red carpets recently with one look in particular: crop tops as a two-piece set (in other words, paired with a matching skirt). This look works with either a flowing or fitted skirt and can be dressed up or down. Most often, the outfit will be sold together, but if not, make sure the crop top you pair with the skirt matches in color. You could also wear a solid crop with a patterned skirt. If you’re very bold, you can attempt a matching pattern for both pieces with an inch or two of skin in between. Something to note: since skin is already being shown in your stomach and waist area, be mindful of the length of the skirt. Showing too much stomach and too much leg might send the wrong message, so make a tasteful choice when it comes to length.

One of the most common ways people wear crop tops are with high waisted jeans, shorts or casual flowy skirts. In this case, a longer or mid-length crop will be most fitting. It offers some skin, but still enough coverage. Even though crop tops are often seen as summer wear, you can also throw a flowy sweater over the look to warm it up for a chillier season.

Another way to incorporate crops tops into your colder weather wardrobe is by wearing sweater crops. This in itself offers versatility. A sweater crop with high waisted jeans and boots is a great outfit. Another idea is to incorporate layering. Pick a sweater crop of a neutral color and pair that with a longer length sheer chiffon top underneath. This adds a layer of texture to the outfit and covers the tummy so it can be worn with regular jeans.

Wearing a crop top the right way can be difficult to master, but with experimentation you’ll be able to find the right look for you. Try these tips and be a little bold. If you put a great crop top outfit together successfully, you’ll feel even more confident and look beautiful!

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