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No doubt, fashion isn’t always cheap. I would consider myself an obsessive-discount-shopper, but there are a few staples that I’ve splurged on and don’t regret purchasing. Here is a list of some expensive closet buys that you will (hopefully) never be disappointed that you bought.

Business attire

There’s bound to be a time where you will have an interview, internship or even a job that will require business clothing. Dress pants, pencil skirts and dresses are all common pieces of clothing that you can purchase and keep for the next few years. J. Crew is my personal favorite place to splurge on business attire because I know that I will get my use out of it as well as have the ability to mix and match pieces with a variety of cheaper clothing. Origami dress: coming in at just under $200, this is a dress that you’ll be able to wear often. Throw on a bright necklace or thin, colored belt and you have multiple looks. Pleated crepe pant: a good trouser pant will help you dress up while still staying comfortable. At $118, this pant comes in many colors that you can pair with blouses that you already have. Structured A-line skirt: For $98, you can have a simple skirt that can be paired with almost anything.


I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t love a good, sturdy pair of  boots. Tory Burch’s ‘Eloise’ Riding Boot costs right at about $500, but they usually go on sale around the holidays. Since the shoe is mostly leather, they’re meant to last a lot longer than you might be used to, making them worth their high price tag.


A good bag is going to cost you a bit more than you’re used to, but purchasing a good bag can be a worthwhile investment. A higher price usually means leather upholstery, custom-lining and a sturdy frame. Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise: For $298, this bag has both short and long straps giving you multiple options for different outfits. Coach Madison Foldover Crossbody in Leather: This crossbody is a perfect everyday bag that offers enough space for all of your belongings.