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Question: How can I style the jean and white tee look?

Answer: Rocking jeans and a white tee is a look that never goes out of style. Not only do you automatically look like an effortless cool-girl, but there are so many ways to make this look your own. The style of both your jeans and tee will make a huge difference when it comes to the overall feel of your outfit. Accessories can add personality to this classic look while also making it totally versatile.

The basis of this outfit is the jean. Start off with a great pair of jeans in your favorite wash. Whether your jeans are trendy faded boyfriend jeans or a slinky pair of skinny dark wash, make sure they fit you properly (translation: make sure they fit the butt). Remember, you want to look casual and effortless—not sloppy.

The grand choice in shirt also makes a huge difference for your overall look. Consider shape, neckline and graphics when pairing with jeans. Remember: if your top is formfitting, go for a looser pair of jeans. For tight denim, opt for a looser fitting shirt.

When considering whether or not to tuck in your tee, it’s important to consider your own body. Do you have a shorter torso? If so, leaving the shirt untucked will give the illusion of length. If you have a longer waist, tucking will make legs seem to go on for days. Try out both looks in the mirror and choose what works for your body.

Accessories, accessories, accessories. Your destination should always dictate the accessories you choose. Are you heading out to run errands on a Saturday afternoon? If so, throw on a bright scarf, dangly earrings and hit the road. Going out to dinner or happy hour? A classy cropped blazer and a pair of pointy toed pumps will have you turning heads. Depending on the style of your white tee and jeans, there are tons of jewelry options. Boyfriend jeans lend themselves beautifully to feminine pieces. Go for a bold necklace to jack up the glam factor. Skinny jeans look great with chic pieces, specifically gold chains.

Tell us: what’s your favorite way to rock jeans and a white tee?

  • Tanya

    nice tips, i definitely need a bold necklace