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Question: How can I pull off the jumpsuit fashion trend?

Answer: Jumpsuits have never been hotter or easier to pull off. What could be better than just putting on one piece and calling it a day (save for accessories of course)? If you’re worried that you don’t have the body shape to wear a jumpsuit, don’t worry—there are so many different styles and designs. Check out this list of jumpsuits and bring out your inner American Hustle:

1. Black jersey jumpsuits

The black jersey jumpsuit works well with slender body types and small busts, but if you’re not afraid of flaunting some serious cleavage—go for it! Although, deep V’s tend to look more modest with small busts and air more on the side of high fashion than street walker (sorry, ladies!). This suit also sports the harem pant which is totally hot this season, and works for both women who have booties and those who don’t.

2. Black satin jumpsuits

This jumpsuit works with all body types. A wide leg pant is especially flattering for curvy figures, but can compliment a slim figure as well. The thick-strapped bodice can play up a large or small bust, and the waistline falls just at the right spot so as not accentuate the stomach but rather cinch it in. Because the pants are loose, the material falls away from the belly, so tell those Spanx “see ya later!”.

3. Black military-style jumpsuits

Jumpsuits with drop-waists are perfect for those with short torsos and also help draw attention away from the belly. This military-style jumpsuit has plenty of pockets and zippered details for a edgier look, and a drawstring waist to flatter any figure. Pockets on the breast of a piece of clothing are also great for small busts because they create the illusion of a larger cup size.

4. Lace jumpsuits

Lace jumpsuits are especially hot this season, and they look great in long sleeve or sleeveless designs. This jumpsuit would look awesome on any body type and cinches the waist in to create an hourglass figure. This can easily be dressed up with a big statement necklace and a colorful clutch.

Another thing to remember with jumpsuits is that tapered legs = accentuated booty, and wide legs = draws away from the booty. Keep the same rules in mind that you would use for pants and a top, and focus especially on the stomach as sometimes a jumpsuit can cut someone in half, so to speak. Small torsos should aim for a drop waist, and heavier-set figures should look for drawstring waists or jumpsuits that can be worn with a belt to create a more definitive waistline. Jumpsuits are an easy “one-and-done” kind of piece, so have fun with it and flaunt what you’ve got!