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As someone who has dyed their hair many, many times, I know all about the dry, limp hair that follows a coloring appointment. Thankfully, shiny, soft hair is possible. You don’t need to sacrifice color to keep hair healthy!

Argan Oil

This is my secret weapon when it comes to keeping my hair shiny and healthy. Argan oil is a fantastic way to add lustrous shine back into your strands. Garnier makes a great, affordable hair oil. Apply it after showers or whenever your hair seems a little dull. Don’t apply too much though, or hair will become excessively oily and greasy. Add about a dime-sized amount to your hair and it will revert back to its healthy state!

Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioners are another way I keep my hair soft and healthy after dying it. A couple favorites include L’Oreal’s Damage-Erasing Balm and Matrix Biolage’s Hydrasource Conditioner. The L’Oreal conditioner is significantly cheaper, but the Matrix conditioner does work and smell a little better! Both have a balmy texture and can stay in your hair for however long you leave the product in. Use a deep conditioner during your shower or wear it all day. Deep conditioners seriously help restore hydration!

Color Care

Make sure to use a specific shampoo for color-treated hair. Other shampoos strip your color and don’t take care of your processed hair. The brand is less important in this instance. Just remember that it’s crucial to use a shampoo and conditioner specifically made for color-treated hair. If you can find other products that will keep color from fading, invest in them. They will make your color last and improve the overall health of your hair.

With these tips, you’ll have healthy hair in no time! How do you keep your hair healthy?