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Fall is finally here, and if there is one thing we know for sure  it’s that cooler weather prompts one very specific call to action: the art of layering. If you think about all of the things you adore about autumn (I’m looking at you, PSL fans!) you will likely begin jumping for joy when you realize that all of those knit sweaters and scarves are about to become your favorite items in your closet. It’s also quite possible that you will find yourself overwhelmed with the wealth of options before you and all of a sudden layering becomes just as complex as deciding what to watch on Netflix.

Lucky for you, I have outlined a few key items that will help you bring together all of your favorite clothing elements in one harmonious look fit for a fall fashion layering master. These items are easy to acquire  and if you play your cards right, these pieces may help you save money on winterizing your wardrobe too!

  1. Invest In Some Basics
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It is likely that you already have some basics t-shirts, but if not, start building a small collection of solid t-shirts. Plaid shirts, pattern shirts or any other long sleeve button-ups will work as well. You may want to invest in some crisp dress shirts, or you can steal some from your boyfriend — no judgment there. These pieces will become the glue that holds everything together. They are “no brainer” items that are quick to toss on underneath all the other pieces you will want to add.

  1. Bring On The Knits

Cardigans, sweaters and even vests play a large role in successful layering. This is where you can get really funky with patterns and texture, or if you rather play it cool keep it to your basic solids and call it a day. Toss your knits on after your basic tee or button-up and “POOF”, you have begun to layer your outfit.

  1. Expand Your Jacket Selection

Outerwear can be tricky as it’s generally an item you take on and off throughout the day. But, when it comes to layering, you can choose a jacket that is versatile enough to incorporate as a full ensemble, instead of just a “warming” element. Search for light weight jackets with canvas material, or other pieces that will still allow breathing room among your layers. When the weather gets colder you can add your winter jacket on top.

  1. Become One With Your Scarves

Scarves are always a top priority in anyone’s closet. They provide immediate comfort and really set the tone for layering in general. Whether full-on prints or a neutral palette, scarves keep us warm and are easily cuddly on frosty fall mornings. Look for different textures and sizes and provide yourself with more options when you add in chunky knits and silk selections.

  1. Accessorize It

You may have thought that scarves were the finishing touch, but all your pretty jewels play a role in the art of layering as well. Think chunky earrings, statement necklaces and a heavy amount of bracelets to create more movement and texture for your outfit. It seems like a small effort, but depending on what you choose to incorporate it could end up making a bold layering statement.

Oh, and one more thing … don’t overanalyze or think too hard. If there is something you don’t like about what you have put together, you can always remove it later. That IS the point of layering after all. So make sure you have some fun doing it!

This article is by Wantable contributor Shorey Andrews. Wantable is an fashion and beauty e-commerce company that sends personally curated and fashionable makeup, accessories, intimates & now fitness right to your door.