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Question: What are the best makeup products for combination skin?

Answer: As someone who has been dealing with combination skin since puberty, I can tell you that choosing the right makeup products can be as difficult as finding a girdle. Combination skin can be tricky to spot, and it brings stress and confusion to many makeup addicts (myself having been one of them) who aren’t able to decide what products to use. I’ve had countless conversations with women who are constantly misinforming themselves and not doing the proper research, which can make the process of picking out products even more difficult because they aren’t aware of their skin type. So, what is combination skin—and how do you know you have it? Well, If you’re constantly dealing with flaky or dry skin, but your T-zone (center part of your face, nose, chin, and forehead) are oily—ding, ding, ding—you have combination skin! Okay, so now that you have figured out your skin type, this is where the fun part comes in; shopping for these makeup products that will change your life (trust me: they’ve done wonders for my skin)!

I have always steered away from using foundation, partly due to the fact that it feels so heavy and cakey on my skin—plus, the morning after using foundation, I usually wake up with about 75 fresh zits that definitely weren’t there the evening prior. However, after coming across Bare Escentuals bareSkin Foundation, my anti-foundation opinions did a complete 180. The lightweight formula and skin brightening agents give skin a flawlessly even tone, and it’ll also help you combat dark spots. It’s perfect for combination skin because it provides the perfect amount of hydration without turning your skin ridiculously oily.

Move over, BB and CC cream (and whatever other letter of the alphabet I forgot to mention, because let’s face it: it seems like all different types of moisturizers are being concocted), blur creams have slowly made their way onto the shelves of many, and are beginning to take over. Khiel’s Micro-Blur Perfector is a wish granted in a bottle, due to the great and unique benefits it gives your skin. The mattifying ingredients correct any unevenness and fills pores to give you a perfect look. Even though it is a bit tinted, it works well with any skin tone and can moisturize your skin without over-drying or kicking your pores into oil-overdrive.

For a great loose powder that will give you gorgeous coverage without flaking off your skin, get into MAC’s Iridescent Loose Powder! This ultra light powder will give you a sun-kissed look (which we all know is essential for that summer weather that is quickly approaching). Apply it onto your face using a kabuki brush, or swipe some on your cheekbones for a sculpted look. This powder will give you the perfect amount of color without weighing too heavily on your skin.

Did your favorite go-to combination skin product make the list?