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When does makeup expire?

Answer: As springtime comes rolling in, it can be a bit difficult to spring clean your makeup bag properly. And although it may be tempting to turn over a blank page and toss everything at once, you don’t have to throw out all of your products for that brand new springtime start. Like food, certain products have longer shelf lives than others, so to find out what products to toss and which ones to keep, check out this comprehensive guide for the complete beauty scoop.

Our favorite foundations last longer (some formulas you can keep up to a year) than concealers, so for the proper switch-up, be sure to add the CARGO One Base Concealer + Foundation in One ($28, to your beauty shopping list. Banishing dark spots and under-eye shadows upon each application, it’s no surprise that this essential duo is so popular.

Mascara may help get our lashes sultry and beautiful, but did you know that it’s best recommended that you change your trusty tube every few months? Due to the fact that bacteria can cling onto a mascara wand easily, changing your mascara frequently will help you avoid unwanted eye infections that totally aren’t pretty.

Powder-based eyeshadows may be known to last a bit longer (some shadows can last for a year or two) than most eye products, but like your handy mascara, it’s wise to change your eyeliner monthly too, as you don’t want to keep applying lingering germs and bacteria onto your peepers.

It’s also worth mentioning that unlike lipstick, lip gloss tends to have a shorter life span. Why? Bacteria found inside your favorite lippies can spread (licking your lips, anyone?) inside your mouth.

The majority of the time, beauty product expiration dates can be hard to find —  but sunscreen happens to be the most truthful when it comes to being upfront with toss-out dates.

Facial makeup sponges need to be changed every month — you don’t want to continuously spread dirt and germs onto your face.

And if you really want to do some major spring cleaning, changing your cosmetic bag all together works wonders, so you can say goodbye to gross stains and unwanted odors. To start off completely new, get totally colorful with the too-cute Lulu Daisy Print Cosmetic Bag ($10,, which perfectly hauls all your beauty finds in a gorgeous and easy-to-clean, spring-forward bag.