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Question: How can I do my makeup in 5 minutes?

Answer: When it comes to the dreaded 7 am wakeup, many of us would rather hit snooze as opposed to brewing that morning cup of joe. Unfortunately, this naughty habit leaves us running around without much time to think about makeup. Fear not! Spending only 5 minutes on your face in the morning doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice looking fabulous. We’ve got some quick tips to get you out the door quicker than ever, and looking beautiful to boot!

Before we even begin, take a look at your makeup bag. In the morning, no one wants to dig through tons of disorganized products. Save yourself the time and energy and sort through your makeup in the daytime. Separating your basic makeup (foundation, blush, mascara) from the more fun products will keep you from scrambling when trying to create an effortless 5-minute face.

First and foremost, begin with a BB cream. Don’t have one? Create your own by mixing a little sunscreen (it’s best to find one that was specifically created for the face) and your favorite liquid foundation. Blend it in gently.

Dab concealer on any problem areas and over dark circles. Vouching to use your fingertips instead of a brush will warm up the product and help it blend into skin quickly and effortlessly. The fewer brushes you use, the quicker the application.

Products with multiple uses will not only help declutter your makeup bag, but it will simplify your entire beauty routine. Tarte Check Stain can be used as both a bendable blush and pretty lip stain. Apply to the apples of cheeks to awaken the skin.

A quick sweep of a shimmery highlighting powder under the eyebrows and over the tops of cheek bones will eliminate the need for both eye shadow and contouring powder and will give your skin that to-die-for glow.

Curling the lashes and applying a few coats of black mascara will open up your eyes in seconds. If you ordinarily tweeze or get your eyebrows professionally waxed, you won’t have to spend much time on them in the morning. Filling in any sparse areas with a similar shade of eye shadow can make a huge difference. There’s nothing quite like a perfect brow to pull together an entire look.

Don’t forget finishing powder, as it will ensure your makeup stays in place all day long. Make sure to apply it across the forehead and down the bridge of the nose to keep your skin looking matte.

A quick application of lip balm or a stain will complete your 5-minute face. Now take a look— don’t you look flawless?