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Question: What makeup should I wear to school?


School is a very important part of the teenage life, and there is a lot of pressure to always look perfect. Although perfection is impossible to attain, it doesn’t hurt to look good — and makeup is a big part of that. Mornings, however, are filled with rushing around, finding something to wear, deciding how to do one’s hair, and, of course, applying makeup. Amongst the craziness, it’s important to create a solid makeup routine that can be tweaked easily (but is still quick and consistent). With many students getting ready to go back to school, now is the perfect time to create the perfect makeup routine.


The face is the canvas for any makeup look, so it’s important to pay at least a small amount of attention to it when it comes to your makeup routine. The amount of makeup you put on your face is really all up to your needs. If you have relatively clear, bright skin, you probably don’t need to do much. Acne-prone girls will probably need a little more. It’s all about figuring out what your needs are and addressing them. In general, I like either a BB cream or a light foundation. I’m a huge advocate of Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder. It makes skin look flawless but it feels like there’s nothing on your face. This product is also great if you want to skip bronzer, blush, and highlighting. In general, it’s great and affordable. If you have blemishes or undereye circles, apply concealer as needed, and don’t forget to set it with a powder so it doesn’t move around. If you’d like to use bronzer, blush, and/or highlighter, use a light hand. I usually skip these three products for the sake of time! Figure out how you want your face to look — this is the first, and possibly most important part of your makeup routine.


Eyes can take forever to do. When I was in school, my go-to look was liquid winged liner and mascara. I wouldn’t bother with eyeshadow because that took too much time. What you do with your eyes is up to you and how much time you’ve budgeted. I typically lean towards neutrals because they flatter all eye colors and shapes. A basic neutral smoky eye is the most classic look you can pull off, and you can achieve it in no time. Find a trio or quad that’s got a few different shades of brown, and simply work with a light color on the lid, a medium color in the crease, a dark color in the outer v, and a shimmery white or off-white in the inner corner. This will create the most simple and wearable eye. Consider adding some color into your makeup routine. Incorporate some eyeliner, top it off with a coat of mascara, and you’re good to go!


Different lip colors are the easiest way to change up your favorite go-to look. Vouch for nude shades one day, pink the next, a bold red lip for next Friday, or get trendy with radiant orchid. No matter what you decide to do, make it quick. If you’re going for a nude lip, use your natural nude and stick with chapstick. If you’re going for a bold color, try a lip liner so you won’t have to try to make everything even with the lipstick itself. When in doubt, a pretty pink is always on-trend, and it complements many eye looks.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to create the perfect makeup look for school. Remember: it’s all about customizing to create a routine that fits you!

What’s your go-to makeup routine for school?